Microsoft Flight Simulator


I was the Senior Web Designer for the Microsoft Flight Simulator website. Working with the development team early on, I designed the site from the ground up to be accessible, responsive, and easy to use. I collected user feedback and implemented Microsoft accessibility guidelines to ensure the website worked well for all users.

Before the game went live, I designed the beta signup system, allowing our developers to work with users to streamline the game development. When the game was announced publicly, I designed the pre-order site and insiders section that allowed users to order the game and stay up-to-date on upcoming development news. Now that the game has been published, our team continues to add new features and work towards constantly improving the experience.

  • Responsive website design
  • Accessibility review and updates for new site design
  • UX design for digital storefront
  • Marketing graphics
  • Creation of beta signup system
  • Social media graphic design