Video Game Beta Signup


Working at Microsoft, I created a beta signup system used by over 100,000 users that is implemented across all of our new gaming websites allowing participants to sign up and test the beta versions of video games before they are public. The signup system asks users a variety of questions, mostly focused on demographics and gaming experience, to determine if they are a user that should be a focus for the testing.

The design needed to be modular and flexible to allow it to be “skinned” with the branding for any of our games. The text areas have general word count guidelines that allow any survey questions the game developers have to be swapped in easily.

Once the design was finished, it was run through a gamut of A/B tests at Microsoft’s Usability testing lab, and through an iterative design process, I worked to make it a fluid experience for all users. We learned that regardless of the brand colors, users responded most favorably to using the traditional green for moving forward, saving, and positive feedback, and red for error codes and missing information.

Pictured above is the “clean version” and the “designed version”, in this case for the game State of Decay.

  • UX design
  • Flowchart creation
  • Wireframing
  • User journey mapping
  • A/B testing