Microsoft Flight Simulator
In-Game Digital Store


Microsoft Flight Simulator needed a digital marketplace that would allow users to buy digital products and game add-ons both on the web and through the game interface itself.


I was the lead designer, responsible for the entire product design; from user flow, through wireframing and iteration, to final visual design.

Identifying the key marketplace goals

Gaining user trust across multiple purchase platforms


Creating a consistent layout on Xbox, PC,

and mobile


Design a modular system that would allow for flexibility with new product types

Target audience
Vector Smart Object-3.png

Casual gamers that are new to flight simulator games

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Advanced flight sim hobbyists

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Pilots and pilot training programs

My first task was to create a flow chart that detailed the user journey from product discovery to the completion of the purchase.

Other than the consumer-facing design, the marketplace also had to allow back-end users and third-party developers a way to upload new products.

User Flow


After settling on a user flow, I designed the first wireframes for the main landing page of the marketplace.

This is the entry point where users can get information on sales, new items, special holiday deals, and community content.

I also designed a search and filter function that allows the user to drill down and find specific types of products.

Visual design

Visual design system

Combining parts of the game aesthetic with practical design considerations, I created a visual system for the store. The fonts, colors, and patterns were chosen with accessibility in mind, and applied to all aspects of the marketplace and marketing site.

  • Created an adaptive, modular design that allows business partners to easily conduct A/B testing and make updates that fit within the design system

  • Saved Microsoft money and time by suggesting a system that delivers content to all platforms from the internal site

  • The adaptive nature of the design allows users to purchase from the store on every device ranging from mobile to Xbox console