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Microsoft Flight Simulator
Marketing Site


Microsoft Flight Simulator needed a website that would serve several functions throughout the game development process. It needed to inform gamers, process beta signups, sell pre-orders, and support the game post-launch.


I was the lead designer, responsible for the entire website design; from user flow, through wireframing and iteration, to final visual design.

Identifying the key site goals

Incentivize users to become beta testers to get early access to the game


Convert users to either pre-order or purchase the game


Keep users informed on the game's development progress and support the game post-launch

Web 1920 – 1.png
Website user flow

After settling on a user flow, I designed the first wireframes for the site. The main focus area of the wireframes was the homepage hero area, which would be the priority for driving conversion. I also designed more typical page templates for the rest of the site; FAQ, merch, media, etc.

Early visual design and qualitative user testing

I chose a few designs to focus on for the hero area and added in visual design and branding. The sections were designed to be flexible and used throughout the site lifecycle. I designed an option for an image slideshow, video background, and static image with a CTA. Qualitative user testing was done to ensure the site was easy to use and attention-grabbing.

Hero section A/B testing

While the game was under pre-order, I designed two hero section headers and conducted A/B testing. The second design won out with an increased conversion rate for pre-orders by 3.7%. The increased conversion rate led me to use the second design as the basis for the final game launch hero design.

Game launch hero - visual design
pre-order-hero – 3.png
  • Improved conversion rate on pre-order hero section by 3.7%

  • Created an Insider Only section that brought in 17,000+ highly engaged users. In doing this, it created a community of daily active users that engaged with the game developers

  • Over 100,000 pre-orders through the website (out of a predicted 60,000) making it one of the most successful pre-order runs in Xbox/Microsoft history

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