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Tell Me Why
Video Game Site


Tell Me Why is a video game I worked on at Microsoft. My responsibilities for this project were making an accessible and attractive website, creating graphics for community growth and marketing purposes, and creating the opening motion graphics featured within the game.


I was the lead designer, responsible for the website and interaction design; from user flow, through wireframing and iteration, to final visual design.

Identifying the key website goals

Create an interactive site that would drive community engagement.


Drive pre-orders and sales of the game while keeping the community involved in the development process.

Visual design

Using the visual ID of the game, I created an interactive parallax site that reacted to the user's movements. The parallax effect mirrored the design style of the game. The interactive elements are best experienced live, click here to view the site:

Logo reveal motion graphics

In addition to my responsibilities for the website, I was able to provide some last-minute help by creating the opening logo reveal for the game.

  • The site has worked as a focal point for a great community of dedicated gamers.

  • The game has gone on to win the Gamescom award for Best Microsoft Xbox Game in 2020.

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